God created families as His model of what relationship is to look like. His original intent was for the world to see God’s design of love, commitment, relationship, and life through these relationships and as a result, to be drawn to Him. Fast forward to today. Life and loss sometimes limits the vision or tools we have to walk this out in our personal life. Small groups, mentoring, classes, and one-on-one discipleship are some of the tools God has given us to aide our church body and those that come to us to learn to walk in the freedom and fullness that Jesus paid such a high price for. Our heart is to equip you to be an alive, joyful, child of God in whatever realm you live in. We offer classes on relationships (both intimate and social), parenting, and marriage, as well as classes to deep your walk with God, address certain strongholds you may have identified in your life or walk through a difficult time of loss or grief you may be experiencing. Wherever you are in life, we have something that can aide you in your journey. Classes are offered throughout the year and at various times of the week so please check often to see what is coming up.


    Art not only saves lives, but sacramental expressions of faith foster healing, fellowship, clarity of church identity, and vision (pray for the team seeking His face!), individual joy and a means to rest in His presence while sharing His glory.

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