How Do I Become a Member of St. Clement's? 

There are two types of membership: General and Voting. Both types of members are expected to "work, pray and give" for the Kingdom of God. Members are expected to attend worship regularly, to participate in the life of the St. Clement's community and to pray for the Church. We encourage you to fill out a pledge card and to support the church financially. 


To be a general member of the Church of St. Clement, you must be a baptized Christian. Holy Baptism means that we publicly pledge that we trust in Jesus Christ for our salvation, and will follow him as our Lord. It does not matter in which church or denomination you have been baptized, as long as it is Christian. 

All that you must do is fill our a membership application form and your name will be added as a General Member.  If you are baptized at the Church of St. Clement, your name will be added to our records as a General Member. 

Individuals MAy become A Voting member of the church of st. clement:

  1. By being "Confirmed" at St. Clement's by an Anglican bishop. Confirmation is when those who have been baptized publicly reaffirm their baptism and receive the "laying on of hands" by a bishop of the church.  Confirmation classes are offered each year for those who wish to be confirmed. 
  2. If you have already been Confirmed in another church, then you may be "Received" into the Church of St. Clement by our Bishop. Those who desire to be received must attend Confirmation classes. 
  3. If you have been Confirmed ore Received at another congregation of the Anglican Church in North America, you can have your membership transferred to the Church of St. Clement. 

What does it mean to be A VOTING MEMBER OF THE CHURCH?

  1. It means that you may vote at our Annual Parish Meeting. In order to vote at our Annual Meeting for new vestry members and other business that may be on the agenda. In addition, in order  to vote, you must attend worship regularly and be a "giver of record." This means that we must have a record that you have supported the Church of St. Clement in teh previous year.  This can be done using an envelope with your name on it, or a check, or by giving online.
  2. Being a voting member is a requirement for being elected to the Vestry (the church Board) or appointed as a member of the Board of Trustees of St. Clement's Parish School. 
  3. Being a voting member is a reqirement to serve on the Standing Committee of the Anglican Church of North America.