How Do I Become a Member of St. Clement's? 

There are two types of membership: general and voting.

To be a general member of the Church of St. Clement, you need to be a baptized Christian. It is when we receive Holy Baptism that we pledge to trust in Jesus Christ for our salvation, and to follow him as our Lord. It does not matter in which church or denomination you have been baptized, as long as it is Christian. 

Individuals become members of the church in five ways:

  1. By being baptized at St. Clement's. If you have received the sacrament of Holy Baptism at St. Clement's, either as a child or an adult, your name was added to our membership records. If you have not yet been baptized, and would like to do so, please speak to a member of the clergy.

  2. By being "confirmed" at St. Clement's by an Anglican bishop. Confirmation is when those who have been baptized receive the "laying on of hands" by a bishop of the church. Confirmation classes are offered for youths and adults during the year. 

  3. By being "received" into the church by an Anglican Bishop, if you have already been confirmed in the Roman Catholic or Lutheran church. Those who desire to be received into St. Clement's should also attend confirmation classes.

  4. By having your baptism recorded at St. Clement's and purposing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, which is the laying on of hands by a Bishop. Classes throughout the year prepare children and adults for confirmation.

  5. By having your membership transferred from an Anglican church. Call the church office to see if your membership can be transferred to St. Clement's. For churches that do not transfer membership, you may have your baptism recorded at St. Clement's.

To be a voting member you must: 

  1. Have your baptism recorded by one of the means listed above.
  2. Have attended worship services regularly in the previous year.
  3. Have been active in "working, praying, and giving" for the Kingdom of God in the previous year.
  4. Be confirmed or received into the Anglican Church.

Note: To vote, you must be a "giver of record," which means you have made a donation attributable to you at least once in the previous year. This can be done using an envelope with your name on it or a check, or by giving online.