Free classes are offered to individuals wanting to learn or improve their English speaking, reading and writing skills. Beginning to Advanced classes are offered. The cost for materials is $40. 

We now also offer free Spanish classes. Please contact David Garcia at if you’re interested.

* Our class schedule follows the public school calendar.

A Word From our director

The English Speaking Center is an important mission of the church that has served our community for over 30 years. It focuses its resources on spreading the love of Christ to people outside of our congregation. 

This opportunity is unique in that twice a week we come in contact with over 70 adult English language students who come to our church to learn English, to participate in Monday morning devotionals and who are part of our tight knit community. In each class we make sure that our students learn not only English but that they are also exposed to a Christian environment dedicated to living the word of Christ. 

Our volunteer teachers are committed Christians, most are from our own congregation, and through their dedication and love they support the creation of a safe environment where students learn English, friendships flourish and our church serves as a shelter for many. I am convinced that this is an important way to serve our Lord. To love our neighbor is a commandment given to us by Jesus himself. The English Speaking Center offers us an incredible opportunity to do that in many ways. 

The satisfaction that we feel as leaders and teachers in serving our fellow human beings is very rewarding and for this very reason many of our teachers serve for years. I encourage you to visit our center and invite you to volunteer as a teacher if God is guiding you to do something for your community and if you are looking for ways to serve your neighbor. 

In Christ, 

Eddie Endlich, 


The English Speaking Center Today

The secret is out! Without employing serious efforts in advertising for our program, ESC’s classrooms are full. The excellency of our English classes spread throughout the community by word of mouth. We often hear students say ours is the best English program in El Paso. Even UTEP doctoral students who have observed and assisted our classes are amazed at the quality of teaching at ESC, the students’ commitment to learning English and the unity of our student community. Throughout the past thirty years, thousands of students have found a welcoming learning environment at St. Clement and well over a hundred volunteer teachers have made the program a success. We currently serve students from countries in Asia, Europe and Latin America.

English Speaking Center HISTORY

The English Speaking Center was founded in September 1980 as an effort to respond to the needs of the surrounding community. Julia Shoemaker began classes to help people adjust to a new country, new culture and new language. 

Her prayer is relevant to us today: “Lord, bless those who are here today so that in both teaching and learning we may serve Thee by helping others.”